(Really Sour Lemons)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Raging Hormones?

Something was raging today. I felt great once I got up. This is the first day since port placement last Monday that I didn't have a constant Tylenol buzz going. I had enough energy to clean and vacuum the bathroom AND my studio. I folded and put away the laundry. Worked on some business stuff. Stuff I NEEDED to do. Not because no one else will but because it helped me feel useful and productive. I hate all the sitting around "resting" stuff. I know, sometimes it's all I can do, but I get mentally antsy when I don't feel like doing anything physically. Hubby has been doing everything else around here, Little C is doing everything she can to take care of me. I really needed to do something normal. It's very hard for me to not feel like a burden when I've always taken care of things before. 

Then towards the afternoon I tried printing something and NONE of the three printers in the house would connect to my new laptop. And my old laptop wouldn't even connect to the wireless system. My husband had just couched himself in exhaustion after working on the website all day. I was so frustrated. I just wanted something to work the way it's supposed to. I just burst into tears. And cried for half an hour. Over a stupid (or three) printer. Ugh. 

Night sweats. Crying over Stupid. I think my hormones are dying a slow death.


  1. You did great! And the cry was probably good for you. It will still be there tomorrow. I love hearing how you are meeting each day even with downs and especially with ups.

  2. There is nothing more frustrating than computer stuff that doesn't work!! And crying about it is a good way to get your frustration out (better than taking a hammer to it!!) My friend Gloria (who has cancer that I've talked about before) works for a home care company and helps older people with whatever they need-sometimes just companionship--she says staying busy helps take her mind off of her problems and makes her feel productive and useful.

  3. ::runs over, grabs you, and shakes the boogie-man out of you::
    Lisa, you tell him if he comes back i'm gonna have my husbands uncle guido whack'em!
    Love you dear, you are our heroine! Love and support in times of adversity are what families are all about.