(Really Sour Lemons)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blurry Brain

Cycle 1 Day 2.
I thought I had a few days before the side effects hit. I hope I'm not in for a big surprise... woke up today feeling a bit blurry in the brain. Not nauseous, not dizzy, just a little light in the brain. Hard to explain. I've been trying to pay close attention to my body but sometimes things are hard to describe. Like my tongue. It feels weird. Like I drank a hot beverage but didn't quite burn it. I also had a face flushing episode where my face turned bright red and got hot. It went away after about 20 minutes. I pretty much lost my appetite as well. It's much harder than I thought to force myself to eat. I had a Trader Joe's Slice of french toast with agave nectar syrup this morning. Around 1:30 I forced a mini bagel with peanut butter down the hatch. A few hours later I had a greek yogurt. At 7:00 I had a bowl of Wonton soup with vegetables from Whole Foods. Not a whole lot of food... but ick. Everything just turns me off. I didn't even manage my 8 cups of water... I counted the soup as one cup and still only came to 7. The weird thing is... I had the hiccups all day! Every time I ate or drank something I got the hiccups and it felt like it was gonna come right up again. And heartburn... much worse than normal. Hello Tums. I think I need to go back to plain water, I tried flavoring my trough with Vitamin Zero water, I think even the Stevia was too much for my stomach to handle. Back to water...

And then this evening my neighbor/friend Amy came over to see how I was doing and dropped off an uber-cool stainless steel water bottle... to remind me to drink my water and look cool doing it. It was very sweet, and perfect timing. She is an inspiration, being a long term survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma. Thanks Amy!

I did get my Neulesta shot today, right in the belly fat. IF I get side effects they will hit me tomorrow with bone pain and flu-like symptoms. Oh Joy. I have an appointment at the American Cancer Society wig boutique tomorrow and we're expecting our first snow of the season :-( But the worst part of today? I LOST my Norco prescription! I put it in a Very Safe Place yesterday. I remember folding up the letter size sheet so it was the size of the script. I thought I stuck it in my calendar, which I carry with me... or my notebook/journal... it's NOWHERE to be found. I don't even remember which doctor prescribed it. Can I blame it on chemo brain already??


  1. It's Thursday--I hope you are feeling good today!! and that you can find your prescription!! Big hugs--we have snow here this morning.

  2. Brain Fog is just awful but you are writing or that should be communicating.
    Lisa get yourself a wig in a funky color and style, be someone else during this torture. Even a long blond wig that you keep flicking. I really had in mind a shortish sassy pink!

  3. I'm with Monica, you could say you "Went PINK for the CURE"!!