(Really Sour Lemons)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crawling Out...

Yes. Today was a better day than yesterday. I don't think I could have handled one worse. After a slow awakening, Little C and I made some German Pancakes for a late breakfast. For me, breakfast is the easiest/best meal of the day in terms of hunger/how I feel. And German Pancakes are the best! 

In the afternoon I actually felt well enough to venture out with my little helper. Get this... we went to Chik-Filet for lunch. A REAL lunch. (Okay, I realize "real" is subjective here, but it wasn't plain crackers!) I had three small chicken strips and a few waffle fries. Hiccuped through the meal but kept everything down, woohoo. Little C helped me grocery shop and then we walked around Blick's Art Supply store for a bit. (Cause you know, I haven't been there for at least a few weeks!) Came home and took a nap, but still... I felt alive, I tell you, Alive! It was nice to do something "normal" for a change. 

I'm still on the Tylenol drip (I wish I could hook a drip up to the port!) around the clock. With the drugs my head/neck is tolerable. A little bit of aching in my legs but heck, I'm not complaining about that. My tongue continues to feel weird, my taste buds are dying. Several times throughout the day my scalp feels like it has little ants crawling over it, I think that's my hair follicles dying. The skin on my face was feeling crawly a bit too. The area around my port is itching like crazy as it heals. It's not the port this time (although that sucks and is painful too) it's the skin that was torn apart by an allergic reaction to any/every kind of adhesive the hospital used. I came home with another batch of raw blisters where they used that clear tape to keep the bandages on. The Onc Nurse said I have the most sensitive skin she's ever seen. Great. I've gotta stop trying to be the "best" at everything. So try covering the steri-strips and open sores without using more tape, I dare you. Ugh. I look like someone beat me up. 

Yes, despite it all, it was a better day, physically and mentally.


  1. I'm so grateful to hear this. xo

  2. it's about time. Just incredible how you are writing this blog.

  3. I so glad you had a better day! Hope today will be the same. Glad you were able to distract yourself with Dick Blick!! and spend time with the girl!!

  4. good to hear Lisa...German pancakes and art supplies are great spirit lifters!