(Really Sour Lemons)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally... a photo!

We've been meaning to take a family photo since before Christmas. We just never got around to it. We want to write a new "About Us" section on the Artistcellar website and include a picture of ALL of us. Not just me, but Michael, the webmaster and designer of all those fabulous stencils. And of course Celia our little product tester and administrative assistant (and chief nagger at mom to clean up her office space!) 

I insisted we do it THIS weekend. Before I lose all my hair. I'm not sure how much longer it's going to last. It's been awfully crawly lately, sometimes the scalp feels like it's sunburned when I scratch it. It's not falling out in clumps yet, but it's been 12 days since my TCH infusion. The American Cancer Society lady said it normally starts around days 12-14. So we'll see.

Of course a photo meant I had to clean up my studio a bit. Which is a good thing. Because I lost my desk again over the past month. And now that I can see it again, I will have room to work on some artwork on Sunday. My hands have been itching to get paint on them and do something creative. So this is the picture we came up with: 

 Oh yeah, it only took about 10 takes... goofy smiles, weird head angles, blinks... what you can't see in this photo is all the rib poking going on, to make us laugh naturally. Thank goodness for self timers and digital cameras.

Working on a more serious post for tomorrow. AFTER I get some art work done! 


  1. LIsa--how fun to see a photo of all of you!! It's a really good one too!!

  2. Great photo. I love the naturalness. Celia is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are a very beautiful bunch. I want you to know that I read every word you write.
    Many blessings as you go forward with this part of your journey.
    You are touching a lot of hearts.

  4. Great photo! And the perfect setting! ;)

  5. Great photo! and a beautiful family and operators of operator owned business...sounds better than family-owned...will look great on the site. I'm caught up now keep on keeping on.