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Monday, January 9, 2012

Puttin' on the ass kickin' boots

On Friday, after the failed port placement, my doctor made an appointment for me on Monday to have Interventional Radiology put in the port with fancy x-ray equipment. At 1:00 Monday. Ya hear me? They made an appointment for me at 1:00 MONDAY. At 12:15 on Monday the IR department called and said that the Medical Oncologist still wants the port put in and she wanted to schedule it. HUH? My sister, who was sitting across from me, gave the phone the stinky eye and her fighting feathers got ruffled. Which gave me the little push I needed. I told the poor girl on the phone that I already had an appointment for the port placement. She said I wasn't in the system for today. I said "On Friday the appointment was made. I am going to be there at 1:00. The port WILL be placed today." Silence. Put on hold. She came back and said they would find the paperwork (that wasn't filed apparently) and that they will "squeeze" me in and I should still come in at 1:00. Bet your sweet ass I will.

I was there at 1:00 and they got me in right away. They saw I wasn't pleased I guess. It felt good to stand up for my rights as a patient. At about 2:15 all the IV's and electrodes and monitoring stuff was ready, paperwork was finished, bladder was emptied and I was off to the procedure room. I emphasized the fact that although I weigh XX pounds I don't tolerate drugs well and "Less is More". Well the nurse did a great job. I was conscious and alert throughout the whole procedure. Which may or may not be a good thing. I never had that "drugged out" feeling afterward, I talked to my husband about 10 minutes after arriving back in recovery. But on the other hand I heard EVERYTHING the doctors were saying. And the tunneling through the skin reminded me of those pictures you see of doctors doing liposuctions. Jam that tube through the skin to break the connective fibers. Ick. 

My neck hurts. The incision area is still fairly numb, but my neck muscles hurt from having my neck facing the side the entire time, and not being able to turn my neck now because this tape is so darn tight. And they said I can't shower for about 5 days? HUH? I had no showering restrictions after Friday's mishap! Gah. Here's a picture of afterwards: 
The top incision is really close to my trachea, which feels pretty bruised from the doctor pushing on it to move the catheter further down. I didn't know the jugular vein was so close to the front of the neck. Yes, they had to go up through the skin to the jugular vein, then thread it down to the sub clavicle vein and down towards the heart. Apparently I have naughty veins. And a blue neck and chin. 

Tomorrow is the big day. (First Chemo session) I just want it over with. My most excellent sister is going to drive me and stay with me the entire time. Hopefully we can get a few laughs throughout the day, like we did today. Laughter IS the best medicine.

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  1. You are so right! Remember how Norman Cousins beat his illness with slapstick comedies? Go get 'em, TigerLady!!