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Monday, March 5, 2012

I hate roller coasters...

Wow, it's been awhile since I've updated! All I can say is that the past two weeks have been quite a roller coaster ride. Starting at the bottom with Chemo Cycle 3. It kicked my butt this time. By far the worst yet, including #2 when I had to have surgery two days post-infusion. I was fine on Wednesday during the day and the fatigue hit that night. It normally keeps me down on Thursday and I'm up and around again on Friday. This time I was down for the count... Thursday, Friday, Saturday... I finally felt better on Sunday.

But it's not like I was in bed for three or four days. I still get up. (Although I don't always shower or put something other than sweatpants on!) I still manage to get the minimum amount of work done. I don't go anywhere, but I still function. I just feel like a zombie most of the day. And I sit in the comfy chair a lot. Or doze on the couch while watching stupid daytime TV. And my dog follows my every footstep. I feel yucky in general. I don't want to eat anything. Or think about food. Or smell food. I have to force myself to drink my 7-8 glasses of liquids a day.

Then when I started feeling better on Sunday, my daughter got sick with a very high fever. We couldn't control it, even with Tylenol. She vomited several times when we gave her some meds. I slept on the couch to keep an eye on her. Same thing on Monday. Her fever wavered between 103 and 104.5. When it spiked at 105.4 we manually cooled her down with cool packs and water soaked washcloths and took her to Urgent Care. I had to wear a mask the whole time because of the germs floating around. After urine tests and blood tests and a lot of waiting around, the Dr. came in and said they had no idea what was wrong but her white blood cell count was very high and we had to go to the ER NOW. So off we went for more tests. She got her first IV, CT scan and chest x-ray. No pneumonia, no appendicitis, but there was inflammation on her kidneys so they diagnosed a kidney infection and sent us home with a scipt for antibiotics.

Have you even been to a 24 hour Walgreens at 1:00 in the morning? Weird. The pharmacist was really really cranky. She obviously did not want to work the night shift. I tried to be extra nice but it didn't help. There was a lady there the whole time I was there, shopping for hallmark cards.

A the follow up appointment last Friday the Dr. explained that there are some areas of the kidney that show as abnormal so we have to get an ultrasound in a few weeks and then meet with a pediatric kidney specialist to find out what's going on. If the infection caused the abnormality or if the abnormality caused the infection. Dr. did say it's nothing major, her kidney function tests came back normal.

Anyway, Little C missed an entire week of school. My week was spent taking care of her and worrying about her. And worrying that I may have picked up something in the waiting rooms. But I seem to be fine so far... my counts are good, I was even allowed to go to the dentist Saturday for a cleaning and checkup, woohooo! 

Did I say woohoo about the dentist? Yikes. Maybe I am sick. In the head! 


  1. Okay--now I am worried about you Lisa--when you say woohoo to the dentist!! Time to start a new week and hope it is way better than the last few have been. Sounds like Mattie is helping to take care of you!

  2. Sorry you had such a tough week. This one Will be better. Celia better and you not quite so stessed. Glad to hear there are restful times amidst the highs and lows.

  3. So you are over the hump -- 3 down and 3 to go?

    Glad to hear C is feeling better - kidney infections can be really rough.

  4. Thinking of you every day - even when I can't get over here to read.