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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Third Time's a Charm... I hope.

I ended going to hospital on Thursday for a dye test on my port. Yep, it was screwed up royally. The catheter was too short and it had shifted and pulled and twisted itself inside of me. I peeked and saw the line in my neck when they did the xray. What a nightmare. So while they had me there, prepped, they went ahead and cut me open for another surgery. They completely removed the old (ha! three weeks old!) port and placed another one, along with the correct amount of catheter (I hope.) This one is a different model and size "better suited for the pocketed area" and the doctor said he "uses a different, better technique to insert it which should fare better." Now, why didn't the first doctor do that? (I can but won't insert a lot of swear words here!) I can tell already that the neck area is better. Of course I'll have a big knobby scar but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. This time the doctor made a new incision lower down, closer to my collarbone. And of course cut through the old incision a third time to remove/replace the port. 

I was awake again (conscious twilight) during the whole procedure and it hurt like hell.  I NEVER ever want to do that again. As a matter of fact, I don't want to see a hospital again. I was in SO much pain that night I didn't sleep more than an hour in the early morning. I gasped and moaned all night, every time I tried to move. Some of you know that I have a very high pain tolerance so this was scary for me. Two Tylenol3's didn't touch it a bit. The nurses the next day said it looked fine, no infections or abnormal swelling. They suggested taking Tylenol around the clock to keep a steady stream in the blood. Unfortunately, when the nurse peeled that clear plastic post surgical tape off (the one for extra sensitive skin) my skin was red and raw underneath again. My body is trying to tell me something too. It's sick of this abuse.

I feel much better today though. I slept really late, lazed around the morning and actually got to the grocery store in the afternoon. (ok, and the fabric store... but that's another story.) The area is still a bit swollen, hurts to put pressure on it (duh) but no more sharp stabbing take your breath away pain. I really really hope that this is it. Chemo was hard enough on Tuesday without having to go through the ordeal of surgery and so many painkillers. My poor liver and kidneys. I'm trying to drink a lot but having a hard time because of the hiccups from hell and subsequent acid reflux. 

Thank goodness for Posicles and Luigi's Italian Ice :-)


  1. Thank goodness for Popsicles and Luigis Italian Ice!!!! Why the doc couldn't do it the best way the first time is a mystery!! And why were you awake during the surgery?? Terrible. I hope you had a good visit to the fabric store...

  2. I'm saying those words for you, and I don't normally do that. I'm so glad the day and your post ended on a more positive note. It does make a difference. Your litte place in my heart is with you.

  3. I just got home and came to check on you. I am now doing a daily mantra with my meditations - get well, heal, get well, heal. Well I guess it's more a chant. I think of you all the time.